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Technical Director, David Tyrer, appointed College of Experts member for Office for Environmental Protection


Logika Group is delighted to announce Technical Director, David Tyrer, has been appointed as one of the first members for the Office for Environmental Protection’s new College of Experts.

Established in 2021, the Office for Environmental Protection [OEP] is dedicated to protecting and improving the environment by holding government and other public authorities to account.

Announced in March 2024, the College of Experts has been set up to help increase the OEP’s scientific understanding and evidence base by providing expert input on specific issues, together with a trusted peer review that will challenge its work and that provided by its chosen suppliers.

Having joined Logika Group in 2020, David has some 20 years’ experience in managing and leading environmental policy projects for UK and European Governments, the European Commission (and agencies) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). He specialises in advising on the economic effects of environmental policy, socio-economic analysis (SEA), cost benefit analysis, economic and regulatory impact assessment, policy evaluation as well as environmental and human health impact valuation.

As one of 58 members selected, David will now play a fundamental role in providing his specialist knowledge to both support and drive forwards the OEP’s remit.

In discussing his new volunteer role, David said: “The OEP has a key role to play providing robust, high quality and independent technical advice to government. The college of experts is an excellent concept, one that can provide technical expertise, diversity of thought and experience alongside flexibility for the OEP. I’m delighted to have joined and look forward to working with the OEP and my fellow members”.

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