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Latest news and updates from the Environmental Policy and Economics practice.

DEFRA Consultation on Proposed Amendments to the UK Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Regulations

The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) is a global treaty to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of persistent, toxic and bio-accumulative chemicals that undergo long-range environmental transport. 


Council adopts ‘general approach’ on a proposal to review the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED)

The European Environment Council have adopted a general approach on the proposal to revise the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) (Directive 2010/75/EU).




European Commission new regulation proposals: Net-Zero Industry and Critical Raw Materials Acts

The European Commission has unveiled two new legislative proposals: the Net-Zero Industry and Critical Raw Materials Acts. These Acts aim to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, enhance the sustainability of the EU's industry, and ensure the supply of essential raw materials for the transition to a decarbonized economy.


João Pedro Silva joins the Logika Group as a Principal Consultant in its Environmental Policy & Economics Practice

João Pedro is a biodiversity expert with 25 years of experience in EU policy implementation and evaluation. He has delivered successful projects for the European Commission, private sector organizations, and NGOs


The EIP and Biodiversity

In January 2023, the latest EIP (EIP23) was published. This plan both reports on the achievements of the first 5 years post publication of the 25YEP, as well as providing more detail on how the original aims will be achieved


Environment Improvement Plan 2023: Clean Air

When Defra published the 25 Year Environment Plan (25YEP) in 2018, Clean Air was the first of its 10 goals. Poor air quality has been identified as the greatest environmental threat to human health, in addition to the significant negative impacts air pollution has on ecosystems and biodiversity.


Environment Improvement Plan 2023

On 31st January, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) published the much-anticipated revision of its cross-cutting framework strategy for the environment, the Environmental Improvement Plan 2023. The plan is the first revision of the 25-Year Environment Plan, required by law every five years under the Environment Act 2021.


Using cost effectiveness analysis to maximise the impact of climate investments

Global spending on climate change should increase 600% per year by 2030 to fund the transition required to keep temperature rises to 1.5°C. In this context, funders are getting increasingly interested in understanding which investments yield the best results by using structured assessments that enable the quantification of the impacts of their climate investments.


EU ambition to REACH zero pollution

Chemical substances number in their thousands and play a role in every aspect of our daily lives. As the chemical universe expands there is a need to continually improve our knowledge base and control of chemicals in the EU to limit their impacts on human health and the environment. Logika Group’s policy and economics practice are part of a consortium led by VVA who have been commissioned to assess a broader application of the generic approach to risk management of chemicals and possible options to reform the REACH authorisation and restriction provisions.


Dr Liz Nicol joins the Logika group of companies as a Principal Policy Consultant in its Environmental Policy & Economics Practice

Dr Liz Nicol has joined the Logika Group as a Principal consultant within the Environmental Policy & Economics team. Liz is an environmental toxicologist with over 8 years of experience specialising in understanding the source, fate and effects of chemicals in the environment.


The World Needs a New Global Science Panel for Chemical Pollution for Effective, Efficient and Coordinated Policy Action

The Logika Group supports the Royal Society of Chemistry’s call for the United Nations to take action against the global issue of chemical pollution by establishing an independent, intergovernmental science-policy platform for chemicals and waste management. Such a platform would enable coordination of science-driven international policy action to protect people and the planet from chemical pollution.


The Environment Act 2021

The UK’s new legal framework for protection of the natural environment, the Environment Act 2021 passed into UK law on 9th November. The Act has been long awaited and was broadly welcomed by environmental activists and the public as it gives the Government the power to set long-term, legally binding environmental targets. 


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