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The World Needs a New Global Science Panel for Chemical Pollution for Effective, Efficient and Coordinated Policy Action


The Logika Group supports the Royal Society of Chemistry’s call for the United Nations to take action against the global issue of chemical pollution by establishing an independent, intergovernmental science-policy platform for chemicals and waste management. Such a platform would enable coordination of science-driven international policy action to protect people and the planet from chemical pollution.

Chemicals are essential to our daily lives and bring a multitude of benefits; however, poor chemicals management at all stages of the product lifecycle poses an ongoing threat to human health and to the environment. The effects of chemicals pollution and exposure could be far greater than what is currently known. In our work investigating the use of the precautionary principle in chemicals management, the importance of managing risks posed by chemicals under high uncertainty and an evolving evidence base was highlighted. With rapid growth in chemical use on a global scale and in consideration of the transboundary effects of chemical pollution, a coordinated global strategy to address these challenges is needed. The RSC has highlighted the gap that exists in coordinating scientific evidence and advice into policy action to address chemical pollution on a globally consistent basis, a dynamic we have witnessed through our own extensive experience with international chemicals policy.

The Logika Group provides objective, evidence-based policy and economic analysis services across a range of environmental topic areas including chemicals. Through our work in assessing and evaluating chemicals policy at national and international levels, we recognise the need for a robust evidence base to inform policy development. An international science-policy platform targeting chemicals and waste management would provide a formal space for dialogue between science and policymaking on an international scale. As such, the Logika Group declares its support for the RSC’s endorsement of a UN international science-policy platform for chemicals and waste management.

Who we are

The Logika Group comprises Air Quality Consultants Ltd, Noise Consultants Ltd and Logika Consultants Ltd. The Environmental Policy & Economics Practice has been established to work across the group. Together the Group supports a wide range of public and private sector clients in the UK and internationally in the provision of services in the field of chemicals policy as well as air quality, climate change, environmental policy, evaluation and impact assessment, environmental noise & vibration, strategic environmental advice and design solutions.

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