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Adam Clegg

BSc (Hons) MIEnvSc MIAQM

Adam is a Technical Director at AQC with more than 15 years’ experience specialising in industrial emissions and environmental permitting

Adam joined the company in 2021 has more than 15 years’ experience covering all aspects of industrial emissions and environmental permitting. He specialises in emission inventory development and reporting, atmospheric dispersion modelling, abatement of air emissions, environmental permitting, Best Available Technique (BAT) assessments and cost-benefit analysis. He has extensive experience in the quantification and assessment of emissions from a variety of releases covering point source emissions, flare emissions, fugitive emissions, and emissions from mobile sources, including marine vessels, on-road and off-road vehicles and rail. He has detailed knowledge of the technologies and techniques to reduce concentrations of combustion and non-combustion related pollutants including oxides of nitrogen, acid gases (e.g., SO2, HF, HCl), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter and heavy metals and has undertaken numerous BAT assessments for reducing emissions to air. He has contributed advice to, and authored reports produced by, the Energy Institute’s (formerly Institute of Petroleum) Emissions Working Group (EWG) and as acted as peer reviewer for the Journal of Air and Waste Management Association.


Adam has a strong track record in international work, having been involved in impact assessment and industrial emissions policy development in North Africa, the Middle East and South-east Asia.

Brilliant communication, queries dealt with really quickly and project lead by AQC. Exactly what we need.

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