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Council adopts ‘general approach’ on a proposal to review the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED)


The European Environment Council have adopted a general approach on the proposal to revise the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) (Directive 2010/75/EU).

This marks a key step forward in the procedure to revise the IED since the proposal was announced in 2022. Concerns have been raised by industry and environmental representatives that the discussion thus far has been dominated by the proposed changes to scope for intensive agriculture – a politically sensitive matter. However, the general approach includes a number of additional changes (e.g. removing the proposal to introduce permit summaries; reinstating the exclusion of sectors covered by the ETS; setting a clear timeframe for implementation of requirements relating to environmental management systems).


Next will be for the European Parliament to undertake their first reading with the indicative plenary sitting date scheduled for 10/07/2023.[1] Among other things, initial discussions among Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) suggest there is support to retain the exclusion of sectors covered by the ETS.


If both parties can agree on the text after the first reading, a revision to the IED will be adopted this calendar year. However, experience tells us that the Council and Parliament will likely continue their discussion through to a second reading, suggesting that a revision to the IED will not be agreed until 2024. For more information, please see the full article here.

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